Shrinking Cities

What is it like?


Though the subject of our study is shrinking cities and we continue to be involved in different initiatives, we cannot claim that we have fought in the trenches.  Our involvement in each of the initiatives is brief compared to those who have stayed in those cities over the years and even decades.  Our hearts and applause go out to the CDCs, intermediaries, planners, designers, lawyers, residents, and others who have fought against all odds to try to revitalize distressed neighborhoods.

The videos and articles below give a general idea of what it is like.

vacant factory in cleveland, by oauvang

      Vacant building in Slavic Village, Cleveland, OH. Photo by OAu-Vang


Cleveland Housing Court bailiff vehicle.  Photo by OAu-Vang


      Vacant home for sale in Slavic Village, Cleveland, OH. Photos by JBennett


  • Eye Witness” by Kermit Lind (2008, Vacant Properties Campaign). 
  • All Boarded Up” by Alex Kotlowitz (2009, NY Times Magazine).